Most Traffic Congested CIties in North America

Interesting list from Navteq of most traffic-congested cities in North America. It is headed by NYC, but Montreal’s infamously awful Decarie freeway makes a showing, helping out the Canada side.

Freeways with the Slowest Typical Rush Hour

1. New York City – Brooklyn Battery TUNL NB

2. New York City – Washington BRG EB

3. Montreal – AUT-15EB

4. Philadelphia – US-202 SB

5. Montreal – RTE-138 WB

6. New York City – Washington BRG WB

7. Los Angeles – 1-10EB

8. Boston – US-1 NB

9. Dallas – TX-366 EB

10. Toronto – Don Valley PKWY NB


US Cities with the Worst Rush Hours

1. New York

2. Washington D.C.

3. San Francisco

4. Seattle

5. Los Angeles

6. Philadelphia

7. Chicago

8. Dallas-Ft.Worth

9. Atlanta

10. Houston


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