Readings: Food, Football, Immunology, Laughter, Drought, Rare Earths, Macbook Air, etc.

  • Jeremy Grantham’s monly piece (Source)
  • Bill Gross’s monthly piece (Source)
  • Immunological standoff | Mystery Rays from Outer Space (Source)
  • Future of Drought Series (Source)
  • The Amount of Laughter on NFL Pre-Game Shows (Source)
  • U.S. initial unemployment claims dips to second lowest level in 2010 (Source)
  • Van Eck Rolls Out Rare Metals ETF(Source)
  • Van Eck rare earths ETF holdings (Source)
  • ?Foreclosures, capital and sickening cures (Source)
  • Are we having another food crisis? (Source)
  • Mossberg rave on new MacBook Air (Source)
  • The nonsensical search for a cure for cancer (Source)

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