Readings: Cities, RMB, Google Finance, Flights, Brains, Gold, etc.

  • Global Cities 2010: The Rankings (Source)
  • What happens if the RMB is forced to revalue? (Source)
  • Optimistic CBO Economic Assumptions (Source)
  • Germany makes final WW I (!) reparations payment (Source)
  • Google Mobile Finance gets smarter, faster, better (Source)
  • Game-miners grapple with massive data sets (Source)
  • The effect of a renminbi appreciation on the US-China trade balance (Source)
  • Flight Times Grow As Airlines Pad Schedules (Source)
  • Outsmart your brain by knowing when you are wrong  (Source)
  • Record Gold, Rising Food Costs May Mean Inflation: Chart of the Day (Source)
  • The masturbation gap: The history of self-pleasure (Source)[-]

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