Readings: Creativity, Cities, Tainter, Bill Gates, Water, etc.

  • Shenk on the genius of creative alliances (Source)
  • Economic Development From Geographic Mobility (Source)
  • More luxury hotels auctioned so far in 2010 than in all of 2009 (Source)
  • Cities: Size Does Not Matter Much Anymore (Source)
  • Mexican oil production in full collapse ascension something (Source)
  • America’s 21st-Century Business Model (Source)
  • Visits to U.S. restaurants decline for 8th quarter in a row (Source)
  • FSN In Depth: Joseph A. Tainter: The Collapse of Complex Societies (Source)
  • Developing market water supplies hamstrung by absence of market economies (Source)
  • Bill Gates, Hero (Source)
  • The 727 that vanished (Source)
  • How many ways can you shuffle? (Source)

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