Readings: Boomers, Prius, Oil, Superbugs, Unsubscribe, etc.

  • As Greece stagnates, young people increasingly exiting (Source)
  • Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, in conversation (Source)
  • Boomers vs the economy: The Least We Can Do (Source)
  • 2004 Toyota Prius: Higher Age, Lower Fuel Economy (Source)
  • US Air looks at hedging and says, “No thanks” (Source)
  • ‘Time bomb’ superbug requires global response (Source)
  • Bracing For Peak Oil Production By Decade’s End (Source)
  • James May: Oil is the real alternative fuel (Source)
  • Oil supply, demand newly disconnected (Source)
  • An adaptability limit to climate-related heat stress (Source)
  • is handy way of getting off mailing lists (Source)
  • Insync: Dropbox for Google Docs? (Source)
  • Snowcats now sell good at ski resorts? The transformation of skiing into golf is complete (Source)



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