Readings: New York, Pigs, Buick, Orangutans, Russians, Flipboard, etc.

  • New York Commuting Profile: From Monocentrism to Edgeless City (Source)
  • Canada doesn’t look that different from the U.S. in consumer debt terms (Source)
  • A post-abundance Federal Reserve enters decline (Source)
  • Buick Is Fastest Growing Car Brand in America (Source)
  • VCs are From Mars, Entrepreneurs are From Venus (Source)
  • Declining Orangutan Encounter Rates from Wallace to the Present Suggest the Species Was Once More Abundant (Source)
  • H1N1 Influenza Virus Reassorting in Pigs, Poses Unknown Risk to Human Health(Source)
  • Why Russians Don’t Get Depressed (Source)
  • Emergence of collective memories (Source)
  • Neat in-browser Flipboard demo using HTML/CSS, but for Safari browsers only (Source)

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