Readings: Food, Stocks, Earthquakes, Music, Water, Immigration, Dilbert, etc.

  • Managing uncertainty: a review of food system scenario analysis and modelling (Source)
  • Unstable Present: Living with the Champlain Sea (Source)
  • Century-long average time intervals between earthquake ruptures of the San Andreas fault in the Carrizo Plain, California (Source)
  • Aguanomics: Running Out of Water — The Review (Source)
  • Migration Could Triple Populations in Some Wealthy Nations (Source)
  • Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Tries to Build an Eco-Friendly House – (Source)
  • Reports of the death of mean reversion are premature (Source)
  • The Stock Market is still for Suckers and why you should put your money in the bank (Source)
  • Loving Airfoil for home audio (Source)