Readings: Behavioral Tennis, Sugar, Nixon, Tapeworms, etc.

  • A helicopter drop for the US Treasury (Source)
  • A birth surge from all that ‘cocooning’ in blizzards (Source)
  • Sugar Imports by China May Jump 42% as Demand Exceeds Supply, Survey Shows (Source)
  • Here’s Something You Don’t Want To Know (Source)
  • The Web 2.0 Summit Points of Control Map (Source)
  • Dan Ariely on procrastination (Source)
  • Orange County Is No Longer Nixon Country (Source)
  • The value of luminosity data as a proxy for economic statistics (Source)
  • Economic conditions and the quality of suicide terrorism (Source)
  • Pros should whack the crap out of their second serve more often (Source)
  • Tennis players should challenge more calls (Source)

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