Readings: Android, Foreclosures, Profs, Tire Monitors, Alaska, California, etc.

  • Android Outsells the IPhone in the U.S., Gartner Says (Source)
  • Foreclosure Crisis Spreads Across U.S.; Idaho Defaults Mount (Source)
  • The campus beauty tax (Source)
  • Wireless tire pressure monitoring systems in cars may compromise privacy, pose security threat (Source)
  • Alaskan Flying (Source)
  • Fiscal fundamentalists: Galbraith vs Kotlikoff (Source)
  • Global GDP Market Shares (Source)
  • Debt and growth revisited (Source)
  • For Those With Jobs, a Recession With Some Benefits (Source)
  • California close to issuing IOUs again (Source)
  • How Can You Tell If A CEO Is Lying? (Source)

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