Books from Nomura

From a recent strategy report out of Nomura Securities, a collection of econ/investing/innovation books they recommend. I’m sure most readers will have read many of these, but still worth a look. One of my favorites is the very last, Tenner’s "Why Things Bite Back".

As an aside, I used Zemanta to auto-add Amazon links, but it only knew five of the books. Weird.

  • Butterfly Economics, Paul Ormerod (feedback loops and Lorenz economics)
  • Deflation, Gary Shilling
  • Balance Sheet Recession, Richard Koo (Japan’s deflationary experience)
  • Cash Nexus, Niall Ferguson (inflation)
  • The Prize, Daniel Yergin (oil and power)
  • Metals In The Service of Man, Alexander Street (base metals)
  • Barriers To Riches, Stephen Parente & Edward Prescott (machinery investment in emerging markets)
  • Seeds Of Change, Henry Hobhouse (soft commodities)
  • Guns, Germs And Steel, Jared Diamond (migration, urbanisation and infectious diseases)
  • Collapse, Jared Diamond (the destruction of societies)
  • Does IT matter? Nicholas Carr (low returns from technology)
  • Diffusion Of Innovations, Rogers (low returns from technology
  • Blown To Bits, Evans & Warster (low returns from technology)
  • Why Things Bite Back, Edward Tenner (feedback loops in economics and technology)
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