Readings: Tesla, Deflation, Energy Tech, Coal, Africa, Happiness, etc.

  • Inflation or Deflation, why settle for just one? (Source)
  • IEA: world seeing an energy technology revolution (Source)
  • Observations: What happens when coal is gone? (Source)
  • The progress and potential of African economies (Source)
  • Apple sued over iPhone reception problems (Source)
  • Material Prosperity Predicts Life Evaluation, Whereas Psychosocial Prosperity Predicts Positive Feeling (Source)
  • Tesla Electric Roadster v2.5: The iPhone 4 of Electric Cars (Source)
  • Modeling Ponzi Schemes (Source)
  • BP more devastating than Lehman (Source)
  • The Tour on the horizon (Source)
  • Phone Call from The Census (Source)

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