Readings: China, VC Performance, CRE, Housing, Startups, etc.

  • The PBoC can’t easily raise interest rates (Source)
  • Latest VC performance data: negative 1- and 10-year returns, slightly ahead of public markets on 5-year (Source)
  • UTIMCO data has USV leading 5/10-year vintage VC performance sweepstakes, with 2004 fund’s 48% IRR (Source)
  • Parcel near Chicago’s Grant Park auctioned for less than half its debt (Source)
  • High unemployment and the education deficit (Source)
  • PeerIndex: Morningstar for people (Source)
  • HIGH FINANCIER by Niall Ferguson, reviewed by Tim Congdon (Source)
  • Is the Canadian Housing Market Overvalued? A Post-Crisis Assessment (Source)
  • Working at a startup sucks (Source)
  • What Do You Lack? Probably Vitamin D (Source)

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