Readings: BP, Temps, VCs, Commodities, Easter Island, Patents, Flu, etc.

  • The capital tsunami is a bigger threat than the nuclear option (Source)
  • Documentary: China: Shaking the World – Part One (Source)
  • BP, Shell and the Design of Deep Wells (Source)
  • Short side of commodity market becomes crowded (Source)
  • Last month was the hottest June recorded worldwide, figures show (Source)
  • Pic of Easter Island eclipse (Source)
  • On the Weimar hyperinflation, “Why Money Dies” (pdf) (Source)
  • Crossing scales, crossing disciplines: collective motion and collective action in the Global Commons (Source)
  • Patent Docs: Journal Examines Effects of Patent Reform on Medical Innovation (Source)
  • Tracking flu epidemics on Twitter (Source)
  • What’s Really Going on in the VC Industry? (Source)
  • The most World Cup-crazy countries (Source)
  • Big Picture: 2010 World Cup comes to a close (Source)

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