Readings: Bezos, Storage, Oil, Mortgages, Trade, etc.

  • Jeff Bezos’s 2010 Baccalaureate remarks at Princeton (Source)
  • Northeast heat wave (Source)
  • Innovation in Energy Storage (Source)
  • Events force IEA to recalibrate oil assessment methods (Source)
  • Peak oil vs supply crunch — or, both (Source)
  • Peaked: Oil demand growth rates (Source)
  • Anemic and Deflationary Recovery (Source)
  • The Role of Mortgage Brokers in the Subprime Crisis (Source)
  • On Graduation from Default, Inflation and Banking Crisis: Elusive or Illusion? (Source)
  • Is There Global Economic Slowdown In The Works? (Source)
  • Rising correlation and computer-driven trading (Source)
  • The air/sea divide in global trade (Source)

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