How Does Blowing Stuff Up and Crashing Things Change Your Philosophy?

Great discussion of science, creativity, and error with the Mythbusters’ duo in the latest issue of Forbes’s Emerging Tech report (paid subs only). Here is an excerpt on how, after years of blowing stuff up and crashing things, they’ve changed. Answer: Cars and gases.

What have you changed your own minds about as a result of the show? Have you adopted any new life philosophies?

JH: For one thing, my behavior on the road with vehicles has changed because I’m now highly aware of what happens when an object at highway speed comes to a sudden stop. Be- cause most of us deal with vehicles every day, we get so relaxed and blasé about them. You go and stand on the edge of a cliff and get all nerv- ous, but we’re exposed to something equally as deadly and imminent every time we go out on the road and we don’t think twice about it.

AS: The thing I’m most surprised by is that I am now terrified of flammable gases. Many of these gases are heavier than air, so they rest on the ground and can propagate quickly. It seems so innocuous, but on the show it ends up being one of those safety things that I find completely terrifying.