So Long and Thanks For All the Spanish Fish

Good thing innovation and can-do spirit solve the problems cited in research papers like this new one — otherwise it would be fairly depressing:

Calming down the seas: the near collapse of an Atlantic coastal fishery

For years now the estimates of the consequences of overfishing for marine ecosystems have differed greatly within the scientific community. The use of commercial catch statistics to estimate tendencies has been much criticised, but alternative information sources with long time series are rare. Here we employ the historic archive (1953-2007) of the recreational spearfishery in Galicia (NW Spain), which does not have the problems common to other fishery registers, to estimate long-term changes in coastal ecosystems. Using generalized additive regression models (GAM) we estimated decreases of around 83% in the abundances of coastal fish over the last 50 years. In the same period the average body size decreased by 36%. [Emphasis mine]