Readings: Roubini, Oil, Google, China, Deficits, BMW, Irrationality, etc.

  • Roubini Says U.S. May Face Bond Market ‘Vigilantes’ (Source)
  • Roubini’s full speech (as mp3) from last night at LSE (Source)
  • U.S. weekly petroleum inventories: Up and to the right (Source)
  • Alberta tar sands become largest U.S. suppliers of crude oil (Source)
  • Picture set of the crackdown in Bangkok (Source)
  • Don’t misread the trade implications of the euro crisis for China (Source)
  • Microsoft gives up on competing with, sues on patents instead (Source)
  • Live video from Google I/O conference (Source)
  • Deficit Disorder: the Keynes Solution (Source)
  • BMW’s Busy Hybrid Future May Include 3 Series (Source)
  • The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home (Source)

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