Readings: Glaciers, Orange Juice, Nukes, HFTs, Bilski, etc.

  • Fridge-Sized Nuclear Reactors to Tap $135 Billion Power Market (Source)
  • Brazil’s Citrosuco and Citrovita merge to create largest orange juice company in the world (Source)
  • Some high-frequency trading firms haven’t had a losing day in four years (!) (Source)
  • Another Day Without Bilski Decision, What Does it Mean? (Source)
  • The significant digit law in statistical physics (Source)
  • Metrics mania, and the limitations of numbers and measurement (Source)
  • Endangered U.S. savers (Source)
  • The Message from the Glaciers (Source)
  • Tapping the riser at Deepwater Horizon leak (Source)
  • The best places to work in outdoors industry (Source)
  • Hail storm strafes Oklahoma City pool (Source)

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