Go to North Dakota, Young Oil Man

I’ll run this snippet from Platt’s about the oil boom underway in North Dakota in its entirety, as it’s sort of gob-smacking:

They’ve got problems in North Dakota. They’ve got jobs they can’t fill; they’ve got so many people coming into Williston, heart of the Bakken oil play, that people are sleeping in their cars, and not because they’re poor; they just can’t build housing there fast enough to meet the demand from people who havs jobs. But now there’s a bigger problem. As Platts’ Lucretia Cardenas reported Thursday, the Enbridge Pipeline, one of the main ways for Bakken crude to get to market, is going to be limiting shipments “for many months,” according to a spokesman. The term is apportionment, and it’s not rare. What is rare is for a company to project it out several months, which Enbridge did Thursday, citing the growing surge of Bakken crude. The ability to get oil out into market is obviously paramount in North Dakota, where supply is outstripping that capability to the point where rail has been used by some companies to bring it Cushing, Oklahoma, or St. James, Louisiana (EOG Resources and NuStar, respectively). The choo-choo may become the only way out for new supplies in the coming months