Readings: Oil Spike, Jobs, California, DRAM, H1N1, China, iPad, etc.

  • Return of Ozzie & Harriet: U.S. multi-generational households back to 1950a levels (Source)
  • Iraq To Hit Only Half 12 Million B/D Oil Output Target (Source)
  • Goldman Says Commodities May Witness ‘Violent Price Spikes’ (Source)
  • The Collapse of Complex Business Models (Source)
  • 162,000 Jobs Added in March (Source)
  • More Struggling Borrowers Face Pay Garnishment (Source)
  • Native-born Californians regain majority status (Source)
  • DRAM demand exploding on smartphone sales (Source)
  • Red states, blue states, and H1N1 2009 Monovalent Vaccination Coverage  (Source)
  • How will US savings rate rise if you don’t penalize consumption? (Source)
  • Apple May Sell 7.1 Million IPads in 2010, ISuppli Predicts (Source)
  • How Twitter and Facebook Make Us More Productive (Source)

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