Readings: Big Machines, Harvard, Births, China, Facebook, Baserunners, etc.

  • Equipment movers in demand as factories shut (Source)
  • Economists need their own uncertainty principle (Source)
  • The placebo effect is getting stronger over time (Source)
  • Home Depot adds jobs for first time in four years (Source)
  • Group Asks Companies to Report Water Use (Source)
  • U.S. birthrate drops 2 percent in 2008 (Source)
  • Facebook shares so active in private market that Facebook itself has stepped in (Source)
  • Harvard Class of ‘69 Blamed for Pension Mess in Hedge-Fund Book (Source)
  • Camera captures mountains shedding dust in Sunday’s 7.2 magnitude quake (Source)
  • Chilling new report on Detroit’s financial situation (Source)
  • Who will pay for China’s bad loans? (Source)
  • Shell’s Perdido breaks multiple Gulf oil barriers (Source)
  • Saudi Arabia’s crucial role in the crude price outlook (Source)
  • Floods and landslides kill 95 in Rio slums after city’s worst rainstorms (Source)
  • The Human Genome at Ten (Source)
  • Baserunner’s Optimal Path (Source)
  • Trees, just because they’re so darn interesting (Source)
  • Many Bills – A Visual Government Bill Explorer (Source)

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