Readings: Banks, Debt, Photojournalism, iPad, etc.

I’m mostly out this week, hence the slow pace of posting, but a few things worth reading:

  • California USA vs. Ontario Canada – Which State (Province) Is In Worse Shape? Canadian Banks vs. US Banks Comparison (Source)
  • The Canadian Banking Fallacy (Source)
  • Are “Lazy” Reviewers Behind Yelp’s Alleged Extortionist Scheming? (Source)
  • Subprime Debt Rallies as U.S. Enhances Loan Aid (Source)
  • IPad Sales Anyone’s Guess as Analysts Skip Estimates (Source)
  • Human drivers really are sheep (Source)
  • How did upstate New York miss the real estate bust? (Source)
  • The changing economics of photojournalism (Source)

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