Turn on the Light, and Watch the Bankers Scurry

Informative graphic out based on LinkedIn data showing how bankers/traders found new employment during the system collapse of their former employers in 2008. Look at the figure from top to bottom, appropriately enough.


One hypothesis is that many of the employees left the financial industry.  According to the LinkedIn data set, that just isn’t true. There are a handful of people that did transition to other industries and start new careers, but most stayed in the financial space. To be specific, other than two acquiring companies (Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch and Nomura acquired Lehman Brothers’ franchise in the Asia Pacific region), Barclays was by far the biggest beneficiary, scooping up 10% of the laid off talent, followed by Credit Suisse at 1.5% and Citigroup at 1.1 %.

[via LinkedIn]