Readings: Greece, Cities, Phones, Thaumatology, Option ARMs, etc.

I’m at the TED conference and buried, so readings are about all you get:

  • A Greek crisis is coming to America (Source)
  • Greece: The PIGS fight back (Source)
  • U.S. Treasury holders have history on their side (Source)
  • Is the city-ularity near (Source)
  • All ten of top-ten best-selling phones in Q4 2009 were QWERTY or touch-screen (Source)
  • Country-driving in China (Source)
  • The thaumatology of moving edges (Source)
  • Overlaying option ARMs and the S&P 500 (Source)

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  1. Brandice says:

    The pruchaess I make are entirely based on these articles.