What, Me Econo-Worried? Everything!

The current FT has full-text responses from a host of U.K. economists about the outlook for the economy, in that country and around the world. Rather than subjecting anyone to reading the actual text, I thought it would be more fun to create a word cloud of the collected responses to one question, which was about three main risks we still face.

Here is the result:


[Created with Wordle]

What I find interesting is that nothing is interesting. Or, to be more precise, that there is no real consensus on any one worry, other than perhaps inflation. Beyond that we have a bestiary of econo-worries, from commodity prices, to recovery, to fiscal, to employment, but no consensus on anything in particular, other than that we should worry. Perhaps this is just me, but I find this word cloud of diffuse worries strangely reassuring.