Weekend Reading: China, Connections, Volcker, Energy, Ramen, Poker, etc.

A few links from my weekly Weekend Reading column at TheStreet:

  • China Is Leading the Race to Make Renewable Energy (Source)
  • A special report on social networking: A world of connections (Source)
  • In tough economic times, shoppers take haggling to new heights (Source)
  • A new wave of Sinomania taking hold worldwide (Source)
  • Volcker: How to Reform Our Financial System (Source)
  • Goldman Trader Shares Three Big Ideas With Lloyd (Source)
  • Exploring Tokyo Through Its Ramen Shops (Source)
  • Universal statistical properties of poker tournaments (Source)
  • Henry Paulson’s new book offers a glimpse inside the economic crisis (Source)
  • China: hard to extinguish speculators’ animal spirits (Source)