The Case for Startup Visas

Call it what you will, an entrepreneurs’ visa, a startup visa, etc., but the case for creating something like it in the U.S. has never been stronger. That is the argument venture capitalist Brad Feld, and I make the case in an OpEd in today’s Wall Street Journal. 

While there are many ways to approach the issue, we argue for two things. First, we argue that the U.S. needs to drive job creation by opening up and making it easier for small, growing companies around the world to relocate to this country. Second, we want to make it easier for science & technology graduates to stay in the country and create companies. Given the fundamental role that Kauffman research shows that young companies have in job creation, both would have be big steps towards creating a more entrepreneurial U.S. economy with more job creation.

Do this and all good things economic accrue to the U.S.? Of course not. It is a small step, one that alone can only do so much. But Brad and I (and many others we’ve been working with and talking to) feel strongly that re-opening this country to young entrepreneurs and nascent companies is an overlooked and important part of any sustainable U.S. economic recovery.