That White Stuff? Over There? Snow – On 51% of the Place, Anyway

According to the NOHRSC, 51% of the U.S., by area, is currently snow-covered. (As an aside, I love these U.S. climate models that stop the graphic at the Canada/U.S. border. Yo, low pressure are trans-national organizations (literally) – alert Congress.)


More data:

  Area Covered By Snow: 51.7%
  Area Covered Last Month: 8.0%
Snow Depth
  Average: 3.8 in
  Minimum: 0.0 in
  Maximum: 887.0 in
  Std. Dev.: 6.4 in
Snow Water Equivalent
  Average: 0.7 in
  Minimum: 0.0 in
  Maximum: 435.0 in
  Std. Dev.: 1.4 in