Apple’s iTunes is Mrs. Amel

Why does Apple’s iTunes insist on stopping downloading new podcasts if I don’t listen to said podcasts often enough? For crying out loud, this isn’t f-ing homework, it’s a podcast. I’m not being assigned it for evening listening, it’s just something that I listen to now and then when I have a moment and my iPhone is at hand.

Making things worse is that iTunes just stops. It doesn’t tell you it stopped – no alert, no email, no nothing. It just stops. Bang. Done. Mind you, if keep telling it to not download an individual item in a podcast series it ignore that, trying not-so-surreptitiously to download the same episode the next time I start iTunes.

iTunes is like a car that turns off radio stations I don’t listen to enough, or a television that nukes channels, or a browser that wipes out bookmarks. I haven’t been treated so high-handedly by an authoritarian figure since Mrs. Amel in Grade 3.