Readings: Dubai, Climate, China Banks, Oil, and America

  • Dubai Debt Delay Rattles Confidence in Gulf Borrowers (Bloomberg)
  • Barack Obama’s foreign policy: The quiet American? (The Economist)
  • Mystery buyer spends $1.5-million for (TechCrunch)
  • Why media tell climate story poorly (TheStar)
  • Is Global Warming Unstoppable?  (Utah)
  • Repairing China’s financial system (Pettis)
  • Splitting the Difference Between Oil Pessimists and Optimists (Science)
  • A Tale of Two American Economies (Roubini)
  • Sovereign situation in Greece continues to worsen (Bloomberg)
  • Did 2009 influenza “A” emerge from labs or from random mutation? (Virology Journal)
  • November 27th is Buy Nothing day (Adbusters)
  • Without math, we’re lost in a dark labyrinth (Times)
  • First osmosis power plant goes onstream in Norway (New Scientist)

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