Readings: Dollar, Dinosaurs, Deficits, etc.

  • Dollar knocked by China renminbi hints (FT)
  • Google launches searchable access to WorldBank data (Google)
  • Spanish Wind Power Tops 50% of Electricity Demand (Source)
  • Interesting new complexity events at Santa Fe Institute (SFI)
  • A New Geopolitical Jevons Paradox? A Look at Non-OECD Oil Demand (TOD)
  • Mass extinctions: I am become Death, destroyer of worlds (The Economist)
  • The significance of the contemporaneous Shiva impact structure and Deccan volcanism at the KT boundary (GSA)
  • California’s stealth stimulus from delayed foreclosures (ForeclosureTruth)
  • U.S. ran record deficit in October (Marketwatch)