Persistence Running, Bourgeoisie Survivalists, and Toes & Things

51xc0RtvA1L._AA280_ What is the current preoccupation with barefoot running? Is this some sort of burbling bourgeoisie survivalist movement? Inquiring minds want to know why so many people are talking about wimpish current runners, persistence hunting, Vibram shoes, being born to run, etc.

brin.jpgHeck, even Google’s Sergey Brin has been absorbed into this running/toes/shoe stuff. What is going on out there? Why does it feel like the world newly revolves around public displays of toes?

I’ll confess upfront to finding the whole thing fascinating — it crosses my fondness for geek sports with my love of running tech, so I’m all for the change – but the bourgeoisie survivalist thing just keeps come back to me. Mind you, the thought of hordes of people in Pearl Izumi and Vibram shoes chasing rogue sheep across a post-apocalyptic Cormac-ian landscape is just surreal enough to be intriguing.


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