Iceland Loses McDonald’s: New Rule?

It used to be a favorite of pop globalists everywhere to say that two countries with McDonald’s had never gone to war. Sadly, that no-war Big Mac rule has been broken various times in the last decade.

I’d like to propose a new McDonald’s rule for such folks: When McDonald’s leaves your country you are entering a new status of undeveloped economy – as is now the case with Iceland. Then again, at least we can now go to war without Iceland without worrying about the former rule.

The move will see Iceland, one of the world’s wealthiest nations per capita until the collapse of its banking sector last year, join Albania, Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in a small band of European countries without a McDonald’s.

….McDonald’s blamed the closures on the "very challenging economic climate" and the "unique operational complexity" of doing business in an island nation of just 300,000 people on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

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