• Stink boats and the forthcoming inventory bounce (Bronte)
  • At China urging, U.S. upping TIPS issuance (WSJ)
  • Bank of Japan now surveying sex shops (Bloomberg)
  • Lenders ban old risky practices, only to come up with new ones (BusinessWeek)
  • Why CNBC’s ratings are down (Ritholtz)
  • The economics of abundance: coal and cotton in Lancashire and the world (Economic History Review)
  • Fertility rates climb back up in the most developed countries (Science Blogs)
  • Mutually-Antagonistic Interactions in Baseball Networks (arXiv)
  • The GFC was not caused by Beer Swilling, Cocaine Snorting Traders (Satyajit Das)
  • 2009 BMW 750i: You Owe Chris Bangle an Apology (Edmund’s)
  • The truth about grit (The Boston Globe)
  • Ultracapacitor Technologies and Application in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (ITS-Davis)
  • Some coffee shops banning laptops (WSJ)

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