• Berkshire makes 40% gains on Goldman Sachs warrants (Bloomberg)
  • Mayor of Hoboken and various rabbis arrested for money laundering (Bloomberg)
  • The Open Debate on Chinese Internet Proliferation (Ian Bell)
  • Energy Market Integration: Developments in LNG (Fora)
  • Global electrification: multinational enterprise and international finance in the history of light and power, 1878-2007  (Business History)
  • Who Gambles in the Stock Market (JoF)
  • Common group dynamic drives modern epidemics across social, financial and biological domains (arXiv)
  • Open Letter to President Obama on Healthcare and the Economy (Mish)
  • In U.S., One-Third Still Set on Spending Less as New Normal (Gallup)
  • Pubs closing at rate of 52 a week as hard-up drinkers shun their local (Times Online)

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