Book Review Rip of the Week: Facebook Follies

I’m something of a fan of savage book reviews, so I was understandably taken with  one of a new book about Facebook. Here is a review excerpt:

Mr. Mezrich churns up Mr. Zuckerberg’s Eureka moments with such inadvertent hilarity that he uses the words “if Balzac had somehow risen from the dead,” envisions Mr. Zuckerberg in a “James Bond-like lair,” adds an imaginary couple’s sexual tryst to complicate Mr. Zuckerberg’s surreptitious efforts to plug his computer cable into a port in a dimly lighted room, and describes the first flow of data as a whiz-bang movie scene full of animated special effects. Then he really hits for the bleachers with a few final flourishes about Mr. Zuckerberg. So: “We almost hear the James Bond theme running through the kid’s head.” And when Mr. Zuckerberg leaves — after the lovers have scampered out of the dark room, laughing of course — we “imagine him noticing, as he goes, that the girl’s floral perfume still hangs, seductively, in the air.”

More hilarity here.