Niall Ferguson on Real Estate: Buy Castles

Pace Fake Steve Jobs, there should be some sort of Fake Niall Ferguson site. The economic-historian-media-guy-Krugman-critic now and then drops these deliriously pompous bits of prose that simply cry out for parody.

Here he is on his real estate investing exposure:

But I probably had rather more real estate than I wanted, though my strategy has been consistently to buy historic real estate on both sides of the Atlantic. Nothing I own was built after around 1800. There is a premium on things that can’t be replicated.

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  1. keithpiccirillo says:

    There's also a premium to be paid to prevent decay and maintenance through higher labour costs.
    I agree with Niall though, living in an English Tudor is so romantic.
    Don't deny a successful man some simple pleasures.