Nerds on Wall Street

My friend David Leinweber’s new book Nerds on Wall Street is out, and it’s very good. A thoughtful and wide-ranging geeks-eye view of the uneasy but important relationship between technology and finance, this practically-minded book is a must-read for anyone interested in the past, present and future of financial geekery. And did I mention it is funny? Well, it is.

Leinweber is maintaining a blog here.

obDisclosure: I’m biased, of course, as Davis is a friend, but the book is darn good. Really.


  1. Dave Leinweber says:

    1) Thanks for the kind words about the NOWS book, and
    2) I think statements like "we don't need financial engineering" are more to provoke discussion, or to comment on the recent creations of financial engineers, than serious proposals. If the electrician who built your house screwed up, and nothing worked, would you call a plumber?