Michael Lewis on Father’s Day

Some amusing Michael Lewis perspectives on fathers and Father’s Day:

Any big plans for Father’s Day?
No. I try not to celebrate Father’s Day; it’s my wife who insists on doing it. If she can ratchet up Father’s Day, it means Mother’s Day is that much bigger. That’s the only reason it gets celebrated. It’s a phony holiday.

Do dads really deserve a day?
I’m not sure it’s the right spirit with which to approach the task. It sort of implies that you should get a medal. [Fatherhood] is just a thing you do. It’s like saying that there should be a Get out of Bed Day.

You seem to have a fairly low opinion of dads, or at least of what you’re doing as a dad. Has any father ever come up to you after having read it and said, "This is preposterous. I love my children! How dare you, sir?"
The problem with the type that says, "I instantly bonded with my child. I love my child — how could you suggest that a father feel any differently from the beginning?," is that there is social pressure to say just that, so it’s a little hard to know if they actually felt it or whether they are just interested in the self-righteousness of feeling it. More interesting are the many who come up to me and say, "Don’t tell anybody this, but it’s absolutely true." I don’t make any claim that my experience is universal. I thought it was somewhat interesting that I hadn’t seen anybody explain the feeling of complete detachment that I felt upon the arrival of my children and that the love that I feel for my children would be something that I’d learn and not something that gifted to me at their birth.

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