Be It Resolved: There are No Desert Islands

Writer Pico Iyer’s recent piece in the New York Times on his embrace of less — he has lived for 21 years in a tiny Kyoto apartment with no TV, no bicycle and no car — is heartfelt and moving. The part that struck me, however, was this:

Like almost everyone I know, I’ve lost much of my savings in the past few months.

It got me thinking: Writer Iyer lives in a monk-like sort of seclusion in Kyoto, far from the madding crowds of consumerism and credit. And yet he was (apparently) financially devastated by the credit crisis. I’m sure there are people on sailboats, atolls, and tropical islands around the world who thought they had gotten away from it all over the last year, only to find out that they haven’t.

There really are no desert islands anymore, are there.