• The four most terrifying words in English: "Our traders are bored" (WSJ)
  • The latest in the California water wars (SOSD)
  • Avoiding Swine Flu: A Lesson From The Porn Industry (Paul Wilmott)
  • Chrysler Files Bankruptcy – Part II: Testing The Limits Of Section 363 Sales (Bankruptcy Litigation Blog)
  • The variable in work/life balance (Feld)
  • Sell in May and go away (Mauldin)
  • How deep could the Republican party sink? (FT)
  • The rise of center-left America (Brookings)
  • Alex Cox on his obsession with spaghetti Westerns (FT)
  • Lengthy interview with behavioral finance theorist Richard Thaler (BBC)
  • Latest Nigerian email financial scam has taken 13,500 victims for as much as $40.5m  (Barron’s)
  • Surviving financial Gitmo — or at least the financial version thereof, or at least Japan (Cassandra)

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