Sunday Drive-By/Grassroots Economics

Let’s update the weekly Sunday drive-by economics reader. What are people seeing out there in terms of economic activity, wherever you are? I’ll start:

  • Booking some summer travel, I noticed on choosing seats that most flights are less than half full
  • Attendance at last night’s San Diego Padres game was about 35,000, which is around 65% of capacity. It was higher than I expected it would be.
  • Chatter continues to be about economic weakness, with it having replaced real estate as the favored topic, even among the box seat set at baseball games
  • Water rates in San Diego will be spiking higher shortly, as much as 20%
  • My local auto body shop is seeing record business, with activity at the highest levels in a year
  • My local sushi restaurant says business remains highly unpredictable at lunch, with no consistency to business eating-out patterns, but still up from the two-month ago trough

I’ll add more later if I think of some others, but add whatever else comes to mind.