• EBay plans IPO for Skype unit (SMarketWatch)
  • Tracking “fascinating” articles on Twitter (Twitter)
  • Global ocean heat content 1955–2008 in light of recently revealed instrumentation problems (GRL)
  • Business Books and bias (The Frontal Cortex)
  • Tough times for the Awakenings — crisis or opportunity? (FP)
  • Saudis set aside $800m for foreign food (FT)
  • Uncertainty bedevils the best system (FT)
  • Cutting back financial capitalism is America’s big test (FT)
  • SSRN-Related-Party Like-Kind Exchanges by Kelly Alton, Bradley Borden, Alan Lederman (Source)
  • Goldman “mystified” by AIG fascination. Taxpayers “mystified” by AIG support. We’re equal! (Bloomberg)
  • Profile of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell (Inc)
  • Springtime in Paris (CN Traveler)

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