• Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world (FT)
  • Treasury’s James Lambright, TARP Investment Chief, Is a Tough Negotiator (WSJ)
  • European internet consumption to overtake TV in 14 months (Brand Republic)
  • The green shoots are weeds in the rubble of the ruined economy (FT)
  • The Dark Side of Dubai (Independent (via Ben Atlas))
  • U.S. trade deficit declines (BEA)
  • Geithner apparently thinks the 2000 dot-com stress test wasn’t enough for VCs (WSJ)
  • When should you lie, or stop lying? (BBC)
  • Banks’ first-quarter results preview (Dealscape)
  • A Question for the Economists (TNR)
  • Oil contango trade resumes (Bloomberg)
  • Presentation deck on U.S. offshore renewable energy resources (DOI)
  • Some Guy Who’s Not Stephen Colbert To Deliver College’s Commencement Speech (The Onion)

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