Five in Finance for iPhone

There are oodles of financial apps for iPhone, but most are weak. Here are five free ones that aren’t weak, and that I find myself using regularly (search for them in the App Store in your iPhone):

  • Bloomberg. The best news and finance app out there for iPhone. Bar none.
  • AOL Finance. New, and it’s the next best news and finance iPhone app. Real-time quotes, stand-out charts, and a spiffy design.
  • ATM Hunter. I know cash is for fuddie-duddies , but this app is highly useful. FInd ATMs near you by location, even by airport or street. When you need it, you need it.
  • Twitterfon. Not truly a finance app, but one of the better iPhone Twitter apps. A great way to track breaking news and commentary.
  • Mint. This is personal finance, but it’s a well-done iPhone front-end to the Mint financial management web app. Great for tracking bank and credit-card transactions, nice interface, and lots of alerts.

Feel free to add your own favorites.