Diversions: Things to Worry About, Mobile Edition

People who want more things to worry about than merely the meltdown of global capitalism, the collapse of commodities supply and the rise of first-world strife should check out this new-ish iPhone app called LETHAL.

It’s an app that can keep you awake at night by telling you about all of the dangerous things that can kill, maim, or at least injure you. The good thing is that LETHAL does it in a humorous way.

…What’s changed?

    * LETHAL now gives a risk ranking for every US and Canadian town or city with a population over 100,000, plus all Canadian National Parks. If you’re within a large metropolitan area, you can watch your LETHAL index change as you drive around.
    * More disasters! More dangerous animals!
    * The crime information is more specific, with new updated crime data from the FBI database.


[via TUAW]