Why No Funny Money?

Is it that finance isn’t funny, or that people interested in finance aren’t funny? With the exception of Michael Lewis, who is admittedly more dry than funny, or possibly Dave Barry now and then, I am hard-pressed to think of anyone who writes about money in a way that makes me laugh. (And I mean that in more than a frat-boy sense of funny, which I admittedly run into irritatingly regularly.)

Finance is funny. Now more than ever. When I give talks on the subject I find myself laughing at the money culture all the time, and trying to encourage other people to do the same. It is such a bizarre and cloistered world, full of self-important people, wrong truths, and deliriously wrong-headed behavior. How could it not be funny?

The trouble must be that finance people aren’t funny. Rigor mortis in the prime of life is a wide-spread condition, with most financial writer and traders pre-plasticized and ready for immediate display at the nearest Body World exhibition.