• US retail investors flee to savings (FT)
  • Oil Production Cutbacks Threaten Major Price Spike, Study Says (WSJ)
  • Oil Markets Pay Scant Attention to Russia (WSJ)
  • Inflation and the collapse of democracies (Popular Delusions)
  • Good review roundup of fawning books about money managers (Satyajit Das)
  • Czech Republic joins East Europe’s falling dominoes (Telegraph)
  • Where’s the plan, Wall Street? (NYT)
  • BBC six-part primer on statistics in the news (ASA)
  • Balls and Bottoms give way to Wangs in name game (Reuters)
  • Online Monoculture and the End of the Niche (Whimsley)
  • The 50 Greatest Documentaries (Smashing Telly)

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