Random Question on Top Gear

I am not a car nut, but I am far more fond of the BBC show Top Gear than is likely healthy. So, I’m wondering: With 500-million viewers worldwide – and 7-million in the U.K. alone — is Top Gear the most popular English-language regular television series in the world? If it’s not, what program is? And, another: Assuming it’s first, what program is number two?

[Update] Brian emailed me the following BBC link which says that CSI: Miami was, as of 1996 anyway, the most popular TV show in the world.


  1. I am the stig. I love this tv show to death… mostly because the cars they feature are not common consumer vehicles (who needs a real review? that's what forums are for). Instead the over the top nature of the show is entertainment at its finest. Oh, and Fifth gear can suck it.