Diversions: How Much Trouble Can a Camel Be?

Some fascinating brainstorming notes from meetings that led up to the creation of the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. “G” is George Lucas, “S” is Steven Spielberg, and “L” is Lawrence Kasdan.

G — What can he chase them with? What if he jumps on a camel?
S — I love it. It’s a great idea. There’s never been a camel chase before.
L — Is this camel going to chase a car?
S — You know how fast a camel can run? Not only that, he can jump over vegetable carts and things. It could be a funny chase that ends in tragedy. You’re laughing your head off and suddenly, "My God, she’s dead."
S — We still have the big fight in the moving truck to do. And now we have a camel chase.
G — We’ve added another million dollars.
S — Not really. How much trouble can a camel be?

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